Odd Spots & Imaginary Dilemmas

The holiday season makes me think about the complexities of advertising. Why? Because I find myself in an odd spot as an artist, poet and gentle provocateur of the status quo.  I criticize situations I perceive as crass commercialism yet use similar marketing methods with the hope of gaining attention to what I make and write. So there’s a split in me…The philosophical side says, “Think about what you want and why” as the pitchman barks, “Buy my peculiar stuff!

I could stay in my studio and remain silent. But making noise and hoping you sense my playfulness is all I can do. My intentions are good although the human condition is never 100% on target. This is how the bumper sticker pictured below came to mind. It is the point of all marketing. Set expectations high so whatever gets grabbed on the way down seems like a great deal. (And, this bumper sticker is a great deal). Order it and put it in the holiday stockings of your insightful and peculiar friends.

"Always Want Something" bumper sticker

“Always Want Something” bumper sticker

The words on this sticker are what you might see scrawled on a coffee shop table where Bob Dylan sat to write a song. (That’s a great pitch!). The bumper sticker is from a collection of peculiar bumper stickers I invite you to view (and buy) at StickyPhilosopher.com. And since I’m a pitchman go to my StickyPhilosopher Facebook page and LIKE IT.

Thanks for reading this entry down to the last line….Be well!

Sticky Diversions From Fine Art

Artists do many things to keep their studios going. Such endeavors are often different from our “real” art. The funny thing is how the side projects turn into a bit of fun, serving as a release from the serious work. When you’re lucky those side projects inform the primary studio work.

So my studio diversion is the StickyPhilosopher.com project. There’s even a character who creates the peculiar bumper stickers that he promotes as note cards.  I’d rather be working with words and promoting the importance of writing notes than working at a car wash to make money for buying art materials. Way better…

When you go to StickyPhilosoper.com you’ll see a character named Sticky Philosopher who has strange tastes in fashion. If he did have a company car it might look like the big wheeled one pictured below.

Of course, StickyPhilosopher.com is also my “get rich slowly” website. Just imagine the pent-up demand for bumper stickers made by a perpetually emerging artist. The website would make my parents worry about me. I suppose my wife could be a little concerned. And my adult children…well they’re confounded by my emboldened strange sense of humor.

Be well. Please consider ordering a bumper sticker / note card from the site. And please tell your friends about the site.  Your good words do wonders for highlighting obscure websites like mine. Thanks in advance!

Gotta go wax my imaginary ride…


Sticky Philosopher's ride

Sticky Philosopher’s Ride



Listening (a poem)






Someday I’m going to shut up
sit down and listen
to all the things and words
I’ve been missing.

I’ll hear what I should have heard
at some point long ago
I’m starting today
before the next time goes away.

I’ll sit listening instead of hissing
as the world expands beyond
the reaches of my rattling voice
and shrinking head.

Yes, I’m making a choice
it’s time to listen more
before another one of us
flies away (or drops dead).

Gregory Zeorlin 11/11/14 10am
Copyright 2014 Gregory Zeorlin

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Art Viewers in Museums

A couple more photographs related to my October 16, 2014 blog entry “Inside Any Museum.”

"Art Viewer Silver Head"

“Art Viewer Silver Head”

"Art Viewer With Newspaper"

“Art Viewer With Newspaper”

Inside Any Museum

When I’m in any museum I end up spending part of the time watching people look at art. Some do the nonstop shuffle going from gallery to gallery. Others read all the educational materials before they dare study the artwork. Some seem to look at art only if it has a sitting area in front of it. And then there are those who glance at art in between checking their smart phones. (But those who must stay connected to a phone should  talk outside the gallery).

The more I’m in museums the more I realize there is no single best way to spend time looking at art.  Those who go to museums go for a variety of reasons. Almost any reason is good enough. Must you have a reason at all? When I’m in any museum I’m reminded of how complex we human beings are.  Just look at the art or watch those looking at it and you’ll see what I mean.

077 v2

Art Viewer Black Jacket

Art Viewer Black Jacket

Art Viewer White Jacket

Art Viewer White Jacket

“Veil 536.”

“Veil 536.”  Mixed + digital media on paper. 28″ x 22″. 2014.  This painting is from my “Veil Series.”  Click the image to learn more about the series and to view additional paintings.

Veil 536

Veil 535


Sunday’s Praying Mantis


Sunday’s Praying Mantis*



praying mantis.

Yes, you…

Yes I do see you on that window.

You’re outside looking in.

You’re watching we two-legged beings

process down the church aisles

while glancing out the windows.


Somehow you’ve always known

God’s out there waiting, with you.

So now you’re both pulling the weekly joke.

Yeah, yeah I know…

Look at us now inside this place again

counting the minutes

until we can wander outside

just like you two have always done.


See you soon!


Gregory Zeorlin 10/13/14     11:34am

*(A reoccurring fleeting thought while inside a church).