Surreal Christmas Greets video

Ok..I often write quiet, reflective contemplative poetry. I create quiet paintings too. I go into the gray to dark spots in the mind and find warmth inside there. But there’s something about the Christmas and Holiday Season that brings a special absurd and surreal sensibility out of those back rooms in my gray matter.

Here’s a video about 3 characters taking 2 minutes to make 1 Christmas/Holiday Video you will want to zero out.
Consider this my Best Wishes for Christmas and Happy Holidays to the real and imaginary readers of this blog. And share this blog and video with all the “Bah hum buggers!” out there to show your support. (There’s more “peculiar + insightful” moments at and on the StickyPhilosopher Facebook).


StickyPhilosopher Holiday Greets

Bits and Blurs (a poem + video poem)

I experiment with video poetry. I transformed my poem “Bits and Blurs” into a video poem you can watch. A poem can seem very different when interpreted as a video. I suggest you read the poem first without watching the video. Then watch the video to see another way I imagined this poem. The 90 second poem is posted on YouTube.

Use this link to view video poem:


Bits and Blurs

There is a moment
neither a pinpoint nor a line
but some vaporous drifting
moment our eyes cannot focus upon

it’s not a precise time
no stopwatch will count it
a satellite cannot track it on a map
but a moment arrives that is sensed

a vaporous transient moment
when youth and age blur
and worries carried for too long
mix like smoke

things longed for
collections of objects
each eventually given away
some may burn as an offering

lingering scent of incense
light smoke enshrouds before
lifting this moment to the sky
leaving nothing in-between.

Gregory Zeorlin 1/8-10/2014 (various morning times)

Choking Bing (Crosby)

Here’s a slightly dark humored bah humbug-ish poem I wrote 10 years ago. I have softened some since then..even tolerating hearing “White Christmas” play a few times in my state of middle-aged man. :)

Choking Bing (Crosby)

I’m sorry Bing
but when you sing
all I think is someone
should choke you.

Here you are again from years ago
singing behind falling fake snow.
You didn’t know
White Christmas would play
simultaneously in every store
from early October until one minute past
the last opened present.

But even so here I am again
humming in a store
I’m dreaming and wishing
someone choked that song
right out of you,
years ago.

I’m dreaming of a silent Christmas
one like I’ve never known before
where the pace is slower
the smiles are warmer
where glitter and tinsel
are abandoned in attic boxes.

Gregory Zeorlin 11/19/2004 10:30am

Best Friend’s Bark

Man's Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend

Best Friend’s Bark

Friends don’t wait at the door with tails wagging
or fetch what is thrown across the yard.
Friends are not trained to be consistent
but are persistent on sharing life’s treats.

Friends resist the leash
but often don’t mind walking in the same direction
when you need them to though friends could also lead you
on a walk you might not make down a street with new names
or around a lake that floods and then goes suddenly dry.
Most friends cannot walk on water or part it upon command
but some will take you to a stream you need to taste.

You’ll never be expected to bag your friend’s waste
unless something has gone terribly wrong
and that dog in you is dying and wandering down a trail
only a friend would follow with a friend.

So we cannot be
like man’s best friend
but might take a few lessons from a dog who
might bite and yes a friend could bite
and that would be a surprise if you kept friends
just like well trained dogs
all barking a second language.

Gregory Zeorlin 12/6/14 5:01am

Click here to read more poetry.  Learn more about the imaginary home of my imaginary dogs at . And maybe, just maybe…visit the StickyPhilosopher Facebook page.

Play Is Serious Work

Those familiar with my fine art may have seen a few of my “Veil Series” paintings pictured on this blog. Although my recent blog posts of “lowbrow” bumper sticker note cards could make it seem I’ve lost focus for the series. That is not the case. Sometimes diversions are necessary to let the next ideas drift without too much scrutiny. So the study image I posted of a white chair may appear in some of the next Veil Series paintings. I will see…so will you.

The chair pictured is a white metal mesh outdoor chair with light surface rust. After my parents both passed away my siblings and I had to clean out their home and disperse their belongings. Even though decades of things slowly amassed piece by piece they were all accessed suddenly. It comes down to keep, give away, sell or toss. So this chair came to my home. I’m sure stories were told on other porches while people sat on that chair. Now my friends sit on it to tell stories on my porch.

In the image below the rust on the chair has changed to bright white. It is as if all color absorbs into brightness. Look around, you’ll see chairs in your place that have new places to go at some point. The image is not complete as is. and much will happen over the next few months. I just thought my real and imaginary readers should know I’ve not given in to the lowbrow side of art. But I need to play on that side so my fine art can also evolve…So you see, play is serious work. As if something is brighter when darkness is near. Tenderness seems accentuated by harshness in our world. So it’s a bit of opposites attracting with my artwork.

White Chair (study)

White Chair (study)


Odd Spots & Imaginary Dilemmas

The holiday season makes me think about the complexities of advertising. Why? Because I find myself in an odd spot as an artist, poet and gentle provocateur of the status quo.  I criticize situations I perceive as crass commercialism yet use similar marketing methods with the hope of gaining attention to what I make and write. So there’s a split in me…The philosophical side says, “Think about what you want and why” as the pitchman barks, “Buy my peculiar stuff!

I could stay in my studio and remain silent. But making noise and hoping you sense my playfulness is all I can do. My intentions are good although the human condition is never 100% on target. This is how the bumper sticker pictured below came to mind. It is the point of all marketing. Set expectations high so whatever gets grabbed on the way down seems like a great deal. (And, this bumper sticker is a great deal). Order it and put it in the holiday stockings of your insightful and peculiar friends.

"Always Want Something" bumper sticker

“Always Want Something” bumper sticker

The words on this sticker are what you might see scrawled on a coffee shop table where Bob Dylan sat to write a song. (That’s a great pitch!). The bumper sticker is from a collection of peculiar bumper stickers I invite you to view (and buy) at And since I’m a pitchman go to my StickyPhilosopher Facebook page and LIKE IT.

Thanks for reading this entry down to the last line….Be well!

Sticky Diversions From Fine Art

Artists do many things to keep their studios going. Such endeavors are often different from our “real” art. The funny thing is how the side projects turn into a bit of fun, serving as a release from the serious work. When you’re lucky those side projects inform the primary studio work.

So my studio diversion is the project. There’s even a character who creates the peculiar bumper stickers that he promotes as note cards.  I’d rather be working with words and promoting the importance of writing notes than working at a car wash to make money for buying art materials. Way better…

When you go to you’ll see a character named Sticky Philosopher who has strange tastes in fashion. If he did have a company car it might look like the big wheeled one pictured below.

Of course, is also my “get rich slowly” website. Just imagine the pent-up demand for bumper stickers made by a perpetually emerging artist. The website would make my parents worry about me. I suppose my wife could be a little concerned. And my adult children…well they’re confounded by my emboldened strange sense of humor.

Be well. Please consider ordering a bumper sticker / note card from the site. And please tell your friends about the site.  Your good words do wonders for highlighting obscure websites like mine. Thanks in advance!

Gotta go wax my imaginary ride…


Sticky Philosopher's ride

Sticky Philosopher’s Ride