“Veil 3″

This mixed media painting on paper has the same base title as all the other paintings in my “Veil Series.”  The number after the main title is used to distinguish between all artwork in the series. The number does not imply order of completion, importance or edition number.  I’m not expounding on the title as I do not want it to direct the viewer’s impressions of each piece.  I view each painting in the series as a type of meditation. More information about be accessed at ZeorlinArt.com.


"Veil 3." 2014

“Veil 277″

“Veil 277″  is a mixed media painting on paper.  I’ve embarked on a series of paintings and sculptures which are evolving from ideas I have regarding the confounding matters everyone eventually faces…daily life, aging and ultimately, death.  But this series is not dark or fearful.  The art explores my thoughts about moving from one place to another physically, mentally and spiritually.  I’m looking through imaginary windows and gazing through veils which separate the physical and the spiritual worlds.  So, you could consider the pieces in my “Veil Series” as prayers or meditations.  I title each piece “Veil” and place a random number with it to help keep track of the work.  (The number has nothing to do with output, quantity, etc.).  I decided not to elaborate on titles so each piece in the series could be interpreted by the viewer.

“Veil 277″ is 11″ x 14″ on paper.  It is mixed media (acrylic, lead pencil, colored pencil, digital image, ink and metallic ink). I plan to make some of the studies in this series larger.

Thank you for looking at my art and reading this blog.  Your comments and questions are always welcome.  View more of my art and writing at ZeorlinArt.com.  If you wish,forward my blog to your friends to read.

"Veil 277." 2014. Mixed media painting on paper. 11" x 14"

“Veil 277.” 2014. Mixed media painting on paper. 11″ x 14″


Linking Poetry and Visual Art

I’ve mentioned my visual art and poetry are often related. Sometimes a poem is the initial sketch for an idea that becomes a sculpture or painting. My recent poem titled “To Be Certain” shows how writing influenced a mixed media painting titled “Veil 42.” More examples of my art and writing are at ZeorlinArt.com.

I invite you to read the poem and look at the art.  Both are below.  If you enjoy them, please forward this post to your friends. Thanks.


To Be Certain

Like a voice too far away
to be certain but it can’t be
so long ago those years passing
towards a memory of you, me, we, all.

The back of a gray headed
woman makes me think
of mothers like mine long evaporated
only memory traces remain.

Faces young going old
all doing variations of the same
until at some point at some time
there comes a stumble and fall.

You, me, we, all hurry
getting up though some stay down
invisible force wrestles
pins another one to the ground.

Now look at anyone becoming
eventually some voice too far away
to be certain you know but it can’t be coming
from a hollow in the ground.

Some sound from behind a veil
or just the wind moving trees
perhaps a bird singing yes
I’ll pretend it could be you, me we, all.

Gregory Zeorlin 4/1/2014 10:55pm

Veil 42 study

Veil 42. (study). 2014. 11″ x 14″. Mixed media on paper

Behind Photographic Landscapes

I recently traveled to West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico.  Driving and walking around in the desert was a stark contrast to forests and steams of Northeastern Texas (where I now live). Traveling a few miles or thousands offers all types of contrasts if I am willing to open my eyes.  It’s easy to fall into routines and stop noticing what is right in front of me. I’m including a few landscape photographs made from the trip.

I suspect many landscape photographs are made by pulling off the side of the road and pointing the camera as auto hazard blinkers warn oncoming traffic. Does it matter if an attractive landscape photograph didn’t involve superhuman feats to reach the camera pointing spot?  Probably not.  Sometimes the adage of a photograph saying a “thousand words” is an exaggeration.

Hmmm….So were these photographs made while crossing the great White Sands on foot without water or food? Certainly. You can view other feats of photographic imagination in the photography section of my art studio website.


151 b

White Sands National Monument


237 b

30 minutes out from El Paso, TX.

Veil s.p. 31 (study)

“Veil s.p. 31″ is an 11 x 14″ mixed media painting and digital print on paper.  It is a study for a yet to be made 24 x 30″ piece.  I am working on a body of art which explores passageways, transitions…youth to aging…afterlife (or not).  Could seem like a dark concept but it actually is about learning to look at what I see along the way.  My “Veil Series” is related to the concept of ancient Illuminated Manuscripts. Those books, and my “Veil Series” pieces become symbolic windows between the physical and spiritual worlds.  This idea has been pulling on me for many years.


Looking at Art and People

Recently made a trip to NYC to basically look at art and watch people.  Not much difference between these two activities.  It was a time to focus on whatever was in front of me.
Eastbound M60 bus on 125th.
Walkers by shoe store. I’m riding eastbound M60 bus. 7:45am.

NYC Subway with Red Jacket

Fewer Words More Views

My last post titled “Transition” takes longer to read than the 30 second video it introduced.  This time with fewer words, I invite you to watch a video on my thoughts about a wood and mixed media sculpture titled “Transition.”

Use this link: https://vimeo.com/87380657