Seeing The Invisible

There’s this fellow that appears in different locations on the streets around the small city where I buy groceries and junk.  In the winter you’ll see him pushing a grocery cart full of blankets and other survival gear while skillfully balancing a styrofoam cup steaming with something hot.  As the cool day warms he might be standing near a bridge with his face turned up to the sun.  Just as he’s starting to feel warm, it’s summer again.

Then you may see him standing in the shade of an ornamental tree with that same cart as he carefully examines what appears to be a telephone directory.  I’ve often wondered who he might be intending to contact if he had a phone.

The seasons cycle from hot to cold and he keeps appearing in different places as vehicles pass by…all of us driving in a hurry.

I wonder if he thinks he’s invisible?  Or perhaps he’s wondering if everyone passing by can’t see.


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