The Anti-Gloss

There is something beautiful about the high polish on furniture and automobiles.  We look at the light that comes off the object and sometimes it even reflects our own image.  Many people love looking at the giant jelly bean in Chicago as it reflects the immediate surroundings and includes us in the ever-changing composition.

We have to be careful about gazing into the high polish that defines a wealthy society.  That polish can partially blind us from recognizing who we are.  A high polish creates the perfect ad on television, the web and magazines so that we see what we imagine we should be.   The polish is done so well that we are ready to believe in the shine.

Christmas and the Holiday Season has the dual shine of hope and hype.  It’s fun to gaze into the hype as long as we don’t completely believe in the magic of the ad.

So that’s my view, my way of seeing.  And thus I sometimes create the anti-gloss when I add art images and ideas into my oddly tarnished lowbrow website called is this blog entry a form of dimmed down dull marketing?  I suppose you could make a comment on that)…


4 thoughts on “The Anti-Gloss

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