Spreading Dirt

The region where I now live doesn’t get cold like in the mid-west or north-eastern USA.  Frost on a windshield is about as close as it gets to a whiteout.  When a rare snow happens motorists here become demolition experts.

Since temperatures rarely descend into the teens the topsoil doesn’t freeze.  This means you can dig with a shovel anytime.  But, most of us don’t use a shovel.  Not that we shun manual labor, we just have fewer reasons to turn the soil.  Most of us don’t have vegetable gardens.  I don’t, but have a friend who does and he shares vegetables (and I share my homemade bread).

If I had a shovel at the end of the year what would I do with it?  I’d turn over the stuff in my brain and get that soil ready for growth.  I wouldn’t dig a deep hole to bury my collection of uncertainties.  If I did, some of the stuff would stick to the shovel anyway.

I would use a shovel to mix up my routines knowing this could lead to new ideas because the dirt is ready.  There is a lot of compacted dirt being hauled around out there. 

I’ve got loads of dirt…  If you wish, mix some of it with your own. 

You know, spread it around.


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