Sometimes Clear Often Sticky

A bright blue sky and a clear mind is not a bad way to start a new year.  But if everyday started with the same description, I’d  no doubt I’d long for change.  I suppose that is why working in the art studio is satisfying even when I’m not certain about the outcome of a project (poem, painting, print, photograph,  etc.). 

Where will my ideas come from this year?  I don’t go to the Artist Idea Store and push a cart up the isles filling it with art studio projects.  I also don’t surf the web looking for ideas.  I go about the daily tasks and am “inspired” despite my cynicism.  I do go to the museums but consider this to be more like a pilgrimage than a shopping trip.

Things worth our attention happen right in the middle of all the drab and tedium which is why my  “Lowbrow Social Commentary Art” concept is going forward.  Noticing the everyday clutter and then seeing myself and most of us in that mess creates the StickyPhilosopher(TM)…and all the unknown to follow for at least 364 more days.  As my art direction proceeds I’ll post links in this blog so you can view my progress.

If my comments spur ideas in you…make comments on this blog.  Choose to receive my blog automatically and certainly send my blog link to friends.


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