Sometimes it is uncomfortable working in a solitary art studio as the push to produce has to come from within.  There is no one waiting or expecting any “output” from the majority of artists.  Like everyone else, an artist is a creature of habit.  And habits can give one a sense of purpose (even if the end results are unremarkable).  For most in the working world the calendar helps set a pace and flow of energy based on repeat customers, seasonal demands, etc.  I don’t think the calendar for an artist is very cyclical…We often face a new and unknown calendar every year.

So is this a complaint?  I could let it be if I continued to expound on the first paragraph.  An open calendar has so much potential.  It’s a matter of transforming a trace of optimism into action.  If you wait too long and plan everything out you can get stuck doing nothing at all.  Hesitation can use up all our energy.  Yet a spur of the moment afternoon drive (an extravagance when you consider the cost of fuel) has to have some planning or you’ll find yourself stranded on the side of the road.  Being stranded can have merits…think about various accounts in Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road”

I declare a road trip!


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