Words and Images

I’m a gregarious recluse.  I’m glad to be alone in my art studio working yet realize how much energy comes from being around other people on a regular basis.  It’s not a matter of balance, but more of realizing how people influence my work.  I desire to work in isolation, but do this as a way to distill what I observe through being part of a community.

I’m content to spend hours, even days, in isolation working on my art.  I can stay up into the late hours until grudgingly giving in to go to bed.  And then there are times when words pop into my mind and transform into a promptly scribbled poem.   Having ideas and sorting out the ways in which the idea can be communicated is the work of an artist.

The finished work…be it a painting, poem, photograph, etc. represent some moment in time.   At some point I step away from the idea and leave it alone.  The challenge is to do just enough, but not too much.

I’m starting on some mixed media works.  I’ll not claim to know where the pieces will go or the various ways I’ll treat them in 2012 (and beyond?).  I’ll post images of various stages but it will not become instructional in nature.  I will not do it on a scheduled basis.

So in addition to sharing words on this StickyPhilosopher blog…I will also share images of my art.  Always done…for better or worse! 

“Eventually” (work in progress)



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