More Art Studio Time

I enjoy the connections and opportunities the Internet offers.  And I make an effort to use the various digital tools to introduce others to my visual art as well as my writing.  But there is a point when the Internet gets in the way of my physical (real) world.

By accident, I left my main laptop unit No. 1 at a relative’s home many hours away.  My initial panic at not having the “tools” has given way to the realization that I was spending too much time outside my studio.

Now I post to this blog less often, check email less often and update my website ( less often.  I am in the studio more often, for longer periods of time and have much more work in various stages of development.  It’s a great feeling to step away from the computer screen.  My eyes are looking at real colors that I”m mixing.

I cannot abandon what the Internet offers.  However, once my main laptop returns I’ll be more aware of how often and how long I use it.


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