New Art: Confounding Moments

 I recently completed 12 small mixed media paintings on paper.  You can view this new art on the “Recent Work” section of  My abbreviated summary about this body of art…It contemplates the confounding moments in life.  View the art, make your own ideas and read the additional comments I make on each piece.    I invite your comments or questions about my new paintings.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jan Statman who writes for the Piney Woods Magazine.  This magazine covers the arts and culture in the Northeast region of Texas.  Click here to read the on-line version of the April 2012 issue.

"Circumvent" 2012. Mixed media painting on paper.


One thought on “New Art: Confounding Moments

  1. I forgot to add that the comments I make about each of the 12 pieces has little to do with techniques or materials. The comments are related to what I thought about and how it influenced the completed painting. Some are three sentence stories….

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