Eye On Money

Oh Joy…Here’s the next under-anticipated blog post which reveals my inner-most feelings to the social media community…

Looking for money?  Even if you are not, someone is watching to see what money can be spotted around you.  As we kill time drifting around the web or resting in the mall food court, others are tracking what we notice and categorizing our behaviours.  At some point this data is assigned a value because everything comes at a price.  If at all possible, our interests will be monetized.

The value of an experience such as sunset viewing, bird watching, going for a walk, etc. is an opportunity cost.  When we do something that isn’t increasing the cash inflow the action has consequences.  To counter this dilemma the best of us become more efficient in the quest of building wealth.  (See, I took Econ 101 even though I studied art).

The succesful amongst the clueless commoners will do more meaningful things with their money.  Wise things, like taking on a new mortgage at the time of retirement (or just after the kids have grown up and moved out) just because they can.  Some will purchase luxury autos for jaunts to the grocery for ice cream.  And after driving back home to eat it they’ll grumble about the rising costs for premium dairy products and high-octane gas.  Others will attend social functions in new fashionable attire because their bodies have expanded following a winter of discontented netflicking and ice cream.

Ok, this blog entry is preventing me from making stuff in my hobby shack.  No more piddling around!  There is money waiting to be made out their if I can just put my eye on it.


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