Year Round Chaos and Order

The leaves are just about finished falling from the trees around my home and studio.  I do not worry about a yard covered with leaves and wait until it’s just one round of raking.  I take a similar approach to weeding flower beds in the spring and summer.  I let nature take her course and then do selective weeding.  I let the wild flowers and the high-class ones bloom in the same messy plot and enjoy observing the resulting play of chaos and order.  The flower beds also make me think of crowds of people interacting together.  

Observations like these influence my art and poetry writing.  I’m working on mixed media sculptures based upon an unkempt flower bed in my front yard.  I’m including an image with this post.  I titled the piece “Moribana #6” which is a small study for what I hope will eventually be a larger piece.  Ideally the finished work would be at least 6′ tall…Or how about 20 feet high?  You never know, it could happen…But then I’d need a studio assistant.

"Moribana #6"


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