In Transit

As an artist, I find there are no routines to embrace the day after the new year begins.  Going into the studio holds no promises. What I see, or eventually hope to see in that space depends on my focus and resolve. There is no repeat customer appearing at the first of each year.  No one awaits the “new and improved” from my studio. So the pressure I feel isn’t associated with academic art school schedules or production/manufacturing deadlines. Pressure stems from having many ideas and questions which lead to the next piece of art being made in my studio or poem being scratched out on scrap paper.

If you didn’t have external deadlines, what would push you on?  I wrote a poem related to this question titled “In Transit.”  The image included with this post relates to the poem.

As always, comments are not required to read my poetry or anything else on this blog.  Should you wish to reply, go ahead as your thoughts and questions are welcome.  Now it’s time for me to get back to work!

In Transit


2 thoughts on “In Transit

  1. While I love external deadlines and meeting them (I might be odd) What pushes me is my internal deadlines. 🙂 I make my own goals for myself and I attribute much of my success in meeting those to the paradoxical effects of anxiety that lives and breathes in me. Meh

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