Wandering Poetry Books Project

Did you ever attach a message to a helium balloon and let it fly?  Or send a bottle with a note off to sea?  Maybe the  idea of doing this is appealing even though the real act has negative environmental impacts associated with it.  Where do those balloons and bottles go (not in dolphin or cattle stomachs of course)? Who finds the messages and then what happens?

If such thoughts are attractive to you, then my “Wandering Poetry Books Project” is something you will wish to further investigate.  No sales pitch follows, no data gathering.  Poetry is about sending messages off.  The “Wandering Poetry Books Project” is a way to let some of my poetry travel to places I cannot predict.

My last blog entry was a poem titled “In Transit.”  This poetry project keeps my mind moving somewhere.  Do you want to read poetry and afterwards track where it goes next?  Find out more.

blank road sign


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