Observing Poetry

Most ideas which eventually develop into my art and poetry do not drop from the sky. But I do look into the sky both night and day. Looking at the stars or noting the rise or fall of the sun is how I clear my mind. Once my mind is clear of most distractions (my mind could ever be completely distraction free) many ideas become accessible for my work. Over the years I’ve made associations between looking at the stars (clouds, sun, etc.) and my writing and art. Regardless of our occupations, it’s vital to allow time for the mind wander.

My wood and mixed media sculpture titled “Pointer” (see image below) relates to how we might look into the sky. This primitive art inspired stick figure represents anyone who is clearing their mind while pointing  towards a star…or to a poem or at a work of art or anything that inspires us to pause.

Where we live affords various ways of finding points of inspiration.  The ever-increasing problem of light pollution removes the dark sky and bright stars from many.  That’s when we must point to a poem or work of art.  It helps to turn a few lights off too.  And make a trip to an observatory.  Years ago I traveled to the McDonald Observatory near Ft. Davis, TX with my wife and kids.  I still think about that deep black sky and all those stars I nearly touched.

"Pointer" (aka "Star Gazer")

Mixed media wood sculpture with paint rags, lights


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