Be Mine

The annual marketing of Love happens in a few days.  Ad campaigns focusing upon the unpredictable human emotion of “love” encourage us to buy goods and services proving to someone else we have not forgotten them, that we care.

Observing Valentine’s Day is good as long as the other 364 days are not completely void of letting those we love know we love them.  If love for someone is only proclaimed once a year then it’s OK to ignore the annual Valentine’s Day sales pitch.  Don’t buy chocolates, a heart-shaped card or other tokens of “love.”   Just turn the TV on and let the emptiness in a relationship fill with distortions seen on programs like “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette.”  (Read the poem “Visions From Television” which expounds on the benefits of frequent viewing).

Keep a few “Be Mine!” candy hearts within reach of the remote control if love does happen to come around.

Love Wasps


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