Encountering Art

Encountering any type of art for the first time is similar to meeting a person for the first time.  Visual information about the art is initially gathered such as its height, width and mass.  As this meeting continues art conveys a mood expressed like non-verbal body language.  Color, space, line, movement and surface qualities convey the mood (or character) of art.  A person expresses character through choices of clothing and other details associated with personal style.  This sense of style also determines how we experience a sculpture over time.

Sometimes the first encounter of a work of art leads to a focused concentration.  If the artwork has content and meaning its “style” will continue to engage us in the future.  If the artwork lacks character it eventually blends in with many other elements of deadening good taste.  Too often what starts off as a fresh idea leads to a trend which spawns banal background art and ubiquitous numbing design.

We all have relationships that exist at different levels.  Some relationships remain on the surface allowing a pleasing chat to occur.  But there are relationships which grow meaningful over time.  I seek to create art which offers meaning based from my perspective.

It is impossible to expect any work of art to exist in a way where a true relationship of exchange occurs.  The most complex work of art is a living person who at some point ceases to exist.  Between birth and death art has the potential to add depth to our lives.  But a life of making art or collecting art never compares with the give and take required to create an artful relationship between people.

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