Superimposing Fiction on Reality

No doubt my imaginary readership has waited for the next exciting addition to the Sticky Philosopher blog.  My last post was about how stories happen in daily life.  As a visual artist who likes to write, I’m often creating situations where my visual art tells some type of abstracted story.  I use to avoid reading fiction as I thought my life as an artist had enough fiction in it.  After all, my ideas develop from responses to the world as well as the awareness of what goes on in my imaginary world.  A healthy imagination is not something to take for granted.

I have included an image in this post which superimposes my imaginative artist world with reality.  I’ll not explain the photograph and leave much up to your imagination.  Perhaps you’ll tell me a story about this image.  Or I’ll just imagine a pretend blog reader posting a comment about this photograph.

Imaginary art lecture

Click to see more mergers of fiction and reality


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