Building a Perspective

As an artist, I’m occasionally asked where ideas for my art and poetry writing come from.  It’s as if there might be a tap-root going from my brain to a well of ideas that get pumped up like spring water.  If that was the case, my well would go dry and I’d have periods without having ideas which compel me to make art or write.

I trip up over many ideas for art and writing while taking care of the mostly mundane chores of daily living.  I am certain there’s always something waiting to be noticed right in front of me.  If I don’t notice anything it’s because I’ve become complacent.

In order to work as an artist I must also be a marketer, website builder, studio maintenance man, shipping expert and accountant. (Even with doing all of this I would not be able to continue without a remarkable spouse).  So I use various website tools with the goal of letting others learn about my work.  I blog and have several websites for various projects ( for my mixed media art, for my social commentary art and  for other social commentary art).  I have a Face Book page (rarely used), recently joined Pinterest and occasionally send content to “” when I remember to do it.  I’m a late joiner for using various website tools that must be used carefully so my ideas are not poisoned.  Of course, what’s poison to me might be cake to another.

Through my art and poetry I’m slowly building the perspective I offer to others as an artist.  Most of the time this work is challenging as I think about the ways I can experiment.  There are moments when unexpected comments from others reaffirm my work as an artist.  When you put it all together, it’s similar to picking up one brick at a time to build a structure which exceeds what I imagined it could be.  And this is the joy of being an artist.

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