Perspective Shaped by Time

When I was younger I assumed someone who looks like me was old.  Or at least they were very close to being old.  But now with time and experience I’m able to see aging as a matter of perspective.  For example,  the hair loss I once dreaded is now more of a convenience.  I don’t blow money on the barber and use it on the pleasures of life….good food, music, wine.

It’s good for a perspective to change over time.  Imagine keeping a perspective about the world that didn’t change for decades.  So much would be missed.  Many great foods would be avoided and certain friendships would have been foregone.  It’s the willingness to poke around and grind on the daily stuff that keeps sharp edges from going too far into the soul.  Seems like our soul is so perplexing that if often goes ignored   The soul becomes troubled when the quest for power clouds all the reasons we dwell on earth.  And the dwell on earth is a limited time offer.  I still find the term “unlimited lifetime warranty” a challenge to comprehend.

Time lets the stuff of life become more entertaining in an offbeat way.  I now realize many politicians are comedians that take their own jokes too seriously.  Their public dramas often do not align with the words they rehearsed to gain their parts from our votes.  But somehow the show continues and the comedic politicians receive perks the normal working world cannot afford to offer the average citizen.  But the deals and land grabs that politicians carry out have been going on since the dawn of government.

Here’s an image I created to visually summarize what I’ve expressed in this newest blog post.  It’s part of project I call “The Sticky Philosopher.”  You should visit the website:  (Please note the website is not endorsed by any political parties and no lobbyists have offered me a dime to  distort my perspective).

The Sticky Philosopher goes political



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