“Mom Sees You”

I considered posting an image titled “Mom Sees You” on this blog the week before Mothers Day.  Although I’ve previously deployed unabashed semi-irreverent sales pitches at anyone who reads this blog, I decided it was good to wait until the official holiday was over.

So here’s “Mom Sees You” and a link for info about the lowbrow art piece:  http://www.zeorlinart.com/BSMomSeesYou.html.

"Mom Sees You"

This bumper sticker generates amusing facial expressions from those viewing it stuck on the back bumper while stopped in traffic.  Or don’t stick it on anything and write a note on the backside of the bumper sticker and mail like a note card.  And that concludes my blatant sales pitch.   Only $3.99 for my heartfelt, waterproof and road tested confession.

“Mom Sees You” is an image of a woman making an ambiguous expression that seems to fit somewhere between happiness and being harried  The title of the bumper sticker art card is closely tied to that time in a kid’s life when saying those three words served as a warning about the power of mothers.

And mothers protect their babies even when we are grown up. Such comfort and love is not taken for granted.  And shame on those who do.  In return for her comfort and love we babies must try to please them.  Those who don’t try get the harsh glare and stare down from a mother that is impossible to escape.

We should love and honor mothers more than once a year.




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