Thinking Art

I enjoy the process of making art.  Sometimes ideas float with me for extended periods and slowly solidify into art.  There’s satisfaction in allowing time to think about what might be done. Once a piece begins my thoughts continue leading the piece to a stopping point.  Once at this stopping point what’s next for the work of art?

In the world of pitching “products” into the marketplace many methods are used.  Some ad agencies link humor to a product so we feel good and want it.  Other agencies create a sense of need that buyers must fill.  In most cases, the “product” is just another thing taking up space in our linked up worlds.  We are convinced to think a certain way about having this product…whatever the product happens to be.  And when an ad is well conceived, we may not even realize we’ve been guided to arriving at our own thoughts.

When it comes to social media, a pitch for a product or service that’s too similar to an ad is not acceptable.  We want social media pitches to come across like a friend who suggests some product to their best friend to enhance their lives.  A friend, after all, wouldn’t sell a friend something.  A friend just suggests a product and confirms how the product will make us feel better, live better, look better or potentially have this happen in the future.  We form groups who want to be sold and seek common ideas to believe in as long as it isn’t too obvious.  We want to fit in, look-alike, eat at the same places yet support a belief that we are “not like everyone else.”

Here I am, an artist with a “product” using social media to promote ideas. (Oh dear, so straightforward). But artists are small businesses or even large ones (think Warhol, Chihuly, Sherman, etc.) who make pitches to people with curious minds and tastes.  Collectors add artists pieces to their collections so they can have a “so and so.”  But don’t dare call a painting a product when you’re at an opening.  You’ll be shunned even though at some point art is about marketing and money.  So…with this in mind look at my THINKING ART at  The site will confirm you need my low-cost though provoking bumper sticker art cards.  You will want my stuff and then others will too.  We can thank Andy Warhol for showing shy artists the way to become noticed and appreciated.

Think of me as a friend after reading this blog…


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