Define Your Purpose

Based on my sporadic blog posts, you could deduce that what dwells in my mind often appears in my “fine” or “lowbrow” art…and that making art (or writing poetry) becomes a mix of journaling, contemplation and straight out experimentation. The results go into the light to see or read once more before moving on to the next questions.  If you view making art or writing poetry as a long-term process, it’s easier not to dwell too long on a single piece.  You know ideas will evolve and that some of your work will seem more resolved than other pieces.  But you keep on going and questioning.

Asking questions gives daily life a sense of purpose. This is the only reason I continue putting the results of my work out here in the digital world or in gallery spaces.  But the results I refer to are not considered fully resolved answers.  I just keep working and the questions keep on coming.

Define Your Purpose

Define Your Purpose


2 thoughts on “Define Your Purpose

    • Thanks for reblogging my thoughts to your readers. Such actions help words and images go all over the world. Pretty amazing when you think about it.

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