On Being Average

The word “average” is interpreted many ways.  For some, being average is good, even an accomplishment.  For others, the word average  implies mediocrity. For me, it depends on the situation. Sometimes it is best just to get in line and go through the motions.  But there are some situations which require us to become other than average.  What are the circumstances which prompt how we approach the concept of being average?  Well I will not list any.  But you can think about how certain days become classified as above, below, or just…average.

As an artist and poet, my blog posts reflect whatever I’m working on in the studio.  So here’s the link to my lowbrow social commentary art:  http://www.zeorlinart.com/BSBeingAverage.html.

Now it’s time for me to continue making this Friday an above average one…



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