An Average Day

A Texas summer melts the days together into an average haze. This is confirmed when you listen to the weather report and get the average temperature  for the day.  The grass grows at the average rate so I mow it on average about once every 10 days. Some would say I have a below average yard because I don’t mow often enough.  But, after mowing, I drink an average of 1 “lawn mower grade” beer and sometimes consider breaking that average. Many of the average things of an average day in an average domesticated male (aka “married) setting blends together and it feels good most of the time. It is easy to take such days for granted.  We are always out seeking those “above average” moments and neglect all the regular gifts of the day.

The challenge is to embrace such gifts of an average day while being able to recognize any mental drifting towards oblivion…towards a lethargic way of taking on the day.  Such a mind becomes perfectly content to let the average middle-aged body sit on a bookshelf and fade with the rest of the books.

Here’s a portrait that captures this idea of being stuck on a shelf with other middle-aged books…

Average Male Middle-Aged

Average Male Middle-Aged

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