Chasing the Invisible

(A poem about middle-aged male moments of wandering and wondering).

Chasing the Invisible

Wild dog chasing

an invisible man running

on a dirt trail winding

along a creek flowing

with effluence from

a waste treatment plant.


A hint of chlorine

vapors the bottom woods

though the wild dog doesn’t lose

scent of the invisible man

panting hard and running stealthily

by the banks of a creek

that never goes dry.


The trail weaves through

poison ivy and sassafras as

birds warn of another intruder’s passage

before the man returns unseen

to the same place he began

where the wild dog hides

in undergrowth to growl

at a sweating man stumbling

back to a car feeling temporarily satisfied

about racing his wild dog again.


The wild dog paces the woods

anticipating each return of any invisible man

who runs while imagining where

he might go just before finishing

a familiar loop along a creek

flowing full of some place

he wishes to flee

though what would happen

to the wild dog who keeps him

edged and ready?


8/13/2013 10:27pm


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