Red Face Passing Through (a poem)

Red Face passing through!

Passing through!

Passing through

make way!

Passing through

stand aside!

I’m busy

can’t you see?

Passing through

move away

stand clear of me!

Passing through!

I’m important

passing through!

Passing through

destination uncertain.

Passing through!

Move way!

All accomplishment

gone astray.

Passing through move away

A poem and video about Red Face being in a hurry.

A poem and video about Red Face being in a hurry.

About this poem

This poem depicts Red Face hurrying to get somewhere, although the destination remains uncertain. Red Face does this each day as racing around conveys a sense of importance regardless of what is or isn’t accomplished.
I made a 22 second video about this poem.  The video poem and poem have the same title to save your time from reading the same two words twice.  Just think of how much more you can accomplish by not reading two extra words.  My purpose is to increase blog visitor viewing efficiency and search engine optimization.  Plus, for those pinched for time, just watch 11 seconds of the video now and the concluding 11 seconds when you have an extra less-than-half a minute available.

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