“The Daily Hike” (transmedia sculpture)

As a mixed media artist I use many techniques and materials to make art.  I’ve used clay, photographs, wood, stone, paint, poetry, video, found objects, soil, insects and more.  The questions and ideas I have when starting a piece determine which materials and techniques I use.  Working this way promotes frequent experimentation and this keeps me learning new things.

The piece pictured on this post also incorporates QR codes which take viewers (with smart phone type devices) to information about the art that’s on the Internet.   Since this sculpture presents many ideas and techniques in a single piece it can also be called a “transmedia” sculpture.  Will the esoteric art term help others get a better sense of what my art is about?  Probably not. Plus, it is important for others to interpret what they see.  What each person sees in art depends upon life experiences.

You can view a brief video of my imaginary associate “Sticky Philosopher” making comments about the piece.  The video is oddly surreal.  And if his comments inspire you to make a few about this piece, please do.


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