Paris Road Trip Photographs

Made a road trip to Paris but I have never been to France.  I drove to Paris with my wife by heading to North Texas.  Paris Texas had some recognition a few years back when the town’s name was the title of a movie.  But the movie is old enough that many will never see it. The movie may have an underground following as the soundtrack certainly merits repeat listening.  But I am not writing a movie review.

I am writing about an easy road trip that exceeded my visual and culinary expectations.  A visit to a small antique show resulted in seeing some objects I wished were mine.  But a cluttered home does not allow for impulse buying.  So I look and enjoy remembering what I see. So I met a spirited antique dealer named Claudia who has eclectic tastes.  She showed me an old bread cutting board which lead to a discussion about a mutual interest in baking.  I learned she bakes pastries for the Paris Bakery in Paris, TX.  This expanded the road trip to include a visit to the bakery.

Eating at the Paris Bakery made the road trip perfect.  The talented couple who own and run the bakery offer breads and foods you would not expect in a town of 24,000.  The owners have worked in larger metropolitan cities and brought their talents to Paris, TX.  They started the Paris Bakery 8 years ago.  I have missed out on some great food.  But I am not writing a restaurant review.

I am writing about the perfect cloudy day that allowed me to make nearly shadowless photographs.  I made photographs of decrepit grain storage and transporting facilities.  I suppose the photographs could be considered visual clichés of rural America. I’ve never understood why so many cameras automatically find and focus on rust.  The nostalgia of such settings is in stark contrast to the high-speed digital world viewed through smart phones and iPad screens.  This rationale is my excuse for making such photographs on a Paris Texas road trip.

I will have more reasons for making photographs on future road trips.  But I will not write excuses for not getting out on the road.

Visual proof we went to Paris…

Diebenkorn's Gated White Silo

Diebenkorn’s Gated White Silo


Rust Red Dead Truck

Rust Red Dead Truck


Yellow Rail Silver Roof

Yellow Rail Silver Roof


Sky Track

Sky Track




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