Overly Serious Art Types

Being an overly serious artist isn’t a big issue for me.  But some who dwell in the microscopic art world present a public image of being in near-constant angst.  The smile free self-portrait (selfie) they launch into digital space for others to view often seems like they’ve been intruded upon.

I work seriously as an artist.  But my serious work includes joy. Life is too short to work behind a gray fog of angst.  I explore gray places in my mind by making mixed media art and writing poetry.  But I need not dwell in one place.  I have gradually learned to move in and out of this gray light.  There are so many levels of light to explore.

I explore light and dark places in a digital poetry book titled “Not Memorized.”  My art is also included in the book. It’s a free book downloaded by following this link: http://www.zeorlinart.com/MorePoetryPage.html .  If you find the book is a good read please send the website link to friends and all those angsty serious artists you know out there.

Over and out!

Gregory vs Walt


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