Symbolic Accomplishments

We live in a world of symbolic accomplishments.  Success can appear as a series of abbreviations after our last name or just under our last name.  Think of all the memberships, degrees, associations, affiliations, fraternities, sororities, professional certificates all being proclaimed after our name or under it.  So what’s in a name? What’s remembered once the credentials expire and all the things in the world won’t buy us another minute?

And so, imaginary and real readers of this blog…Yet another opportunity to belong to something real with Don’t you love “in your face” lowbrow mass marketing blended with good ol’ sarcasm tinged with cynicism?  It’s almost like drinking a smoky scotch that you’re not sure you like or not.  Well, sip again. This stuff will grow on you.



Now if you like the flavor of this blog post, take a big gulp of this:  Replies are always welcomed.  Send a reaction, challenge, question or simply acknowledge you have sipped this smoke.

StickyPhilosopher, CEO, StickyPhi-Si, MFA




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