Behind Photographic Landscapes

I recently traveled to West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico.  Driving and walking around in the desert was a stark contrast to forests and steams of Northeastern Texas (where I now live). Traveling a few miles or thousands offers all types of contrasts if I am willing to open my eyes.  It’s easy to fall into routines and stop noticing what is right in front of me. I’m including a few landscape photographs made from the trip.

I suspect many landscape photographs are made by pulling off the side of the road and pointing the camera as auto hazard blinkers warn oncoming traffic. Does it matter if an attractive landscape photograph didn’t involve superhuman feats to reach the camera pointing spot?  Probably not.  Sometimes the adage of a photograph saying a “thousand words” is an exaggeration.

Hmmm….So were these photographs made while crossing the great White Sands on foot without water or food? Certainly. You can view other feats of photographic imagination in the photography section of my art studio website.


151 b

White Sands National Monument


237 b

30 minutes out from El Paso, TX.


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