Linking Poetry and Visual Art

I’ve mentioned my visual art and poetry are often related. Sometimes a poem is the initial sketch for an idea that becomes a sculpture or painting. My recent poem titled “To Be Certain” shows how writing influenced a mixed media painting titled “Veil 42.” More examples of my art and writing are at

I invite you to read the poem and look at the art.  Both are below.  If you enjoy them, please forward this post to your friends. Thanks.


To Be Certain

Like a voice too far away
to be certain but it can’t be
so long ago those years passing
towards a memory of you, me, we, all.

The back of a gray headed
woman makes me think
of mothers like mine long evaporated
only memory traces remain.

Faces young going old
all doing variations of the same
until at some point at some time
there comes a stumble and fall.

You, me, we, all hurry
getting up though some stay down
invisible force wrestles
pins another one to the ground.

Now look at anyone becoming
eventually some voice too far away
to be certain you know but it can’t be coming
from a hollow in the ground.

Some sound from behind a veil
or just the wind moving trees
perhaps a bird singing yes
I’ll pretend it could be you, me we, all.

Gregory Zeorlin 4/1/2014 10:55pm

Veil 42 study

Veil 42. (study). 2014. 11″ x 14″. Mixed media on paper


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