“Veil 277”

“Veil 277”  is a mixed media painting on paper.  I’ve embarked on a series of paintings and sculptures which are evolving from ideas I have regarding the confounding matters everyone eventually faces…daily life, aging and ultimately, death.  But this series is not dark or fearful.  The art explores my thoughts about moving from one place to another physically, mentally and spiritually.  I’m looking through imaginary windows and gazing through veils which separate the physical and the spiritual worlds.  So, you could consider the pieces in my “Veil Series” as prayers or meditations.  I title each piece “Veil” and place a random number with it to help keep track of the work.  (The number has nothing to do with output, quantity, etc.).  I decided not to elaborate on titles so each piece in the series could be interpreted by the viewer.

“Veil 277″ is 11″ x 14” on paper.  It is mixed media (acrylic, lead pencil, colored pencil, digital image, ink and metallic ink). I plan to make some of the studies in this series larger.

Thank you for looking at my art and reading this blog.  Your comments and questions are always welcome.  View more of my art and writing at ZeorlinArt.com.  If you wish,forward my blog to your friends to read.

"Veil 277." 2014. Mixed media painting on paper. 11" x 14"

“Veil 277.” 2014. Mixed media painting on paper. 11″ x 14″



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