Seeing Art In Person

Last month I took my son to NYC to look at art.  It was similar to a trip I made with my daughter a few years earlier.  Both trips were opportunities to spend a few days together looking at art and whatever else happened during our city pilgrimages.  We used most of our time visiting museums and galleries.  I feel like I’m on a retreat when I go to spaces dedicated to presenting art. Experiencing art in person is different from glancing at digital versions on a screen.  I hope those who usually look at art from a hand-held digital device or computer do not forget this.

Now I’m posting digital images of my mixed media paintings on a screen for others to see.  While this digital option is not my preferred choice, it does let others see what I do in the studio. Gallery representation gives others a “live” view of art that cannot be replicated from any type of glowing screen.  But the “live” art view is limiting for how many people regularly go to galleries and museums?  To see art in person requires committing time. So this dilemma continues.

Since you are reading this I assume you’ll view two images of mixed media paintings from my “Veil Series.” Thanks for being curious and finding my blog.  Contact me if you know of “live”exhibition opportunities that might be a good fit for my art.

About the “Veil Series” Art

All paintings in the “Veil Series” have the same main title along with a number to identify each unique piece.  Each painting is a visual meditation.  Using the same main title encourages viewers to interpret what they see without suggestions being implied by a more descriptive title.

"Veil 45"

“Veil 45”. 2014. Mixed media on paper. 24″ x 30″

Mixed media painting on 100% rag paper.

“Veil 50”. 2014. Mixed media painting on 100% rag paper.


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