The Cost/Quest of Higher Knowledge

Another year of college has ended!  But the criticisms about it continue year round.  Current students, graduating students and paying parents complain about the high costs, lack of jobs after graduation, the price of books, the challenges of coordinating travel to distant campuses, etc, etc.  Anyone who reads this blog entry could add to the list of troubles.  Many are willing to make lists of complaints as long as we do not have to change our own behavior.  We are always the exception.  We prefer to deny that many problems associated with college are self-imposed.

Don’t complain about the years of debt following graduation from a $50,000+ a year school that someone in the family elected to attend.  No one was forced to take a school loan or postpone saving for retirement.  Sure that school had a nice cafeteria and a coffee lounge that beat out many other college eateries.  Plus, the dorms were spacious and the university apartments were even better. Cable TV, pool side community parties, cleaning services and more! And if you didn’t like the apartment’s exercise center you could always go to the state-of-the art center on campus.  But it is true, the gelato on campus doesn’t compare to the choices available during the study abroad adventure.  But don’t worry, if you can’t find a job your parents will pay for a return trip to Europe while you wait for an upper management position.  And you can get that gelato again!  Remember how crazy it was to drive a rental car in France?  It was even more challenging back on campus when parents realized how hard it is to find a good college town mechanic who works on that BMW (Mercedes, Audi, etc.) you drove.  But you made it though the challenges and got a new car at graduation!

This is a partial list of complaints from the continuous loop of distortions encircling the pursuit of knowledge.


College Graduation

The Ending (of college life)




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