Writing An Artist Statement

The inner and outer worlds of an artist often collide with an uninterested public. So it takes some will to push on with ideas. The artist ego inflates so we are bold enough to make something out of nothing. And in this swollen state of mind we are certain the profound inner meanings of such work is the result of magic… Which we reveal in an artist statement. With this profundity in mind…the following poem was made with such magic…

Writing An Artist Statement

The composition of an artist statement
contemplated by one occasionally by two
often read by fewer, when done.

Each revision reduced
skinned to show bone
distilled to a trace of sweat.

Until maybe… just maybe
the final version says,
“So what?”

Gregory Zeorlin 6/6/2014 (10:45am)

You can read my real Artist Statement on my ZeorlinArt.com website.  Read Artist Statement

"Gone" (detail view). Mixed media painting

“Gone” (detail view). Mixed media painting.



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