Artists Emerging From Dirt

The term “emerging artist” is a perplexing and amusing one to me. It generally indicates an artist is rising to the surface. As if, before making it to the surface, an artist is in the dark. They are like an organism in the dirt that slowly takes on form until it mutates into a real walking artist complete with a cover letter, bio, image list and artist statement. Emerging artists who are deep underground can only see a faint light from up on the surface.  So we squirm around in our dim dirt piles wondering about that light up there coming from the art world.  When an artist starts to emerge, does their head push out of the dirt so their face can follow the light? I wonder about such things.

Of course, sometimes I wonder if I’m more of a pre-emerging artist and not an emerging one. Then my mind races to all those galleries I contact that respond as if I’m just another weed to spray. So they ignore my wildflower blooms and unfamiliar perfume or tell me I cannot become part of their carefully arranged bouquet.  I return to my dirty studio to continue working and mutating. I’m slowly becoming a stronger, vibrant wildflower/weed with a variety of unusual blooms. Those blooms are fade resistant and able to tolerate heavy doses of weed spray. Could I be like a plant in the desert that knows it will bloom in the light when the time is right? Sure. Yeah, that’s me.

Plus think about this…Hothouse flowers shrivel up soon after being cut and arranged. And many hybrid blooms are only arranged a certain way.  Sometimes those flowers start to look like plastic. It’s a good thing there many vibrant weeds out here with ample roots. Even when transplanted into a variety of pots you know they will bloom where they’re placed.

Being a pre-emerging or emerging artist is OK. I do long for a bit more of the bright light. And when the bright art world light beams on my uncommon selection of wildflower blooms, I’ll keep the roots in moist soil.

Thanks for reading this bit of playful sarcasm. I’ll keep working. You can see my artwork by clicking here.


Veil 126

Veil 126


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