“Veil 826”

This painting titled “Veil 826” initially seems quiet and relates to a post I made about semi-quiet art (read it). The foreground of “Veil 826” is predominately white with traces of faint gray, gold and silver. But behind this veil you’ll see chaos, order, mystery and logic mixing together. It’s interesting to find out what others see when looking at any work of art. Each of us has point of view that’s continually being formed by the confounding moments in life that make us human.

Veil 826. Mixed media + digital media on canvas.

Veil 826. Mixed media + digital media on canvas.

“Veil 826″ is a 28″ x 22” mixed media and digital media painting on canvas completed in 2014. The number assigned after the main title is only for identification purposes. The number is not a date of completion or order in a series. The painting is from my ongoing “Veil Series” project. Please contact me if you have any questions or want more information about “Veil 826” or any of the art you see on my ZeorlinArt website.

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