Making A Beat

Regardless of what artists create, at some point it’s just an inanimate object or concept.  Paintings, sculptures and photographs have no pulse, no breath…no real internal life. This also applies to poetry, music and film. A poem is a list of words. A song, a collection of notes. A movie is a series of stills. Of course dancers and singers could be momentary exceptions to the “heartless arts.” The movements in dance reveal the heart at work. And the heart is alive as the singer sings a song. But, once the singer’s voice is silent the song becomes a list of words and a collection of notes. At an analytic level, a dance or ballet becomes a series of planned moves. All of this might make you think I’m a cold artist. But, I’m not.

The “life” we often project into some form of art actually reflects our own. The “heart” we sense in any art form is ours. Isn’t it amazing how an inanimate (and truly heartless) work of art can make the human heart beat so differently?

My need for making art has to do with the ways it can make our hearts beat differently.  While a steadily beating heart is good, it’s wonderful when the heart quickens due to encountering paintings, sculptures, music, poetry and more…All of the things which make we humans confounding forms of warm flesh complete with beating hearts. Would we be cold analytic humans without the arts in our society? Probably.

Well…You can view my “heartless” art at    🙂

"Circumvent" 2012.  Mixed media painting on paper.

“Circumvent” 2012. Mixed media painting on paper.


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