Sticky Diversions From Fine Art

Artists do many things to keep their studios going. Such endeavors are often different from our “real” art. The funny thing is how the side projects turn into a bit of fun, serving as a release from the serious work. When you’re lucky those side projects inform the primary studio work.

So my studio diversion is the project. There’s even a character who creates the peculiar bumper stickers that he promotes as note cards.  I’d rather be working with words and promoting the importance of writing notes than working at a car wash to make money for buying art materials. Way better…

When you go to you’ll see a character named Sticky Philosopher who has strange tastes in fashion. If he did have a company car it might look like the big wheeled one pictured below.

Of course, is also my “get rich slowly” website. Just imagine the pent-up demand for bumper stickers made by a perpetually emerging artist. The website would make my parents worry about me. I suppose my wife could be a little concerned. And my adult children…well they’re confounded by my emboldened strange sense of humor.

Be well. Please consider ordering a bumper sticker / note card from the site. And please tell your friends about the site.  Your good words do wonders for highlighting obscure websites like mine. Thanks in advance!

Gotta go wax my imaginary ride…


Sticky Philosopher's ride

Sticky Philosopher’s Ride




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