Odd Spots & Imaginary Dilemmas

The holiday season makes me think about the complexities of advertising. Why? Because I find myself in an odd spot as an artist, poet and gentle provocateur of the status quo.  I criticize situations I perceive as crass commercialism yet use similar marketing methods with the hope of gaining attention to what I make and write. So there’s a split in me…The philosophical side says, “Think about what you want and why” as the pitchman barks, “Buy my peculiar stuff!

I could stay in my studio and remain silent. But making noise and hoping you sense my playfulness is all I can do. My intentions are good although the human condition is never 100% on target. This is how the bumper sticker pictured below came to mind. It is the point of all marketing. Set expectations high so whatever gets grabbed on the way down seems like a great deal. (And, this bumper sticker is a great deal). Order it and put it in the holiday stockings of your insightful and peculiar friends.

"Always Want Something" bumper sticker

“Always Want Something” bumper sticker

The words on this sticker are what you might see scrawled on a coffee shop table where Bob Dylan sat to write a song. (That’s a great pitch!). The bumper sticker is from a collection of peculiar bumper stickers I invite you to view (and buy) at StickyPhilosopher.com. And since I’m a pitchman go to my StickyPhilosopher Facebook page and LIKE IT.

Thanks for reading this entry down to the last line….Be well!


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