Play Is Serious Work

Those familiar with my fine art may have seen a few of my “Veil Series” paintings pictured on this blog. Although my recent blog posts of “lowbrow” bumper sticker note cards could make it seem I’ve lost focus for the series. That is not the case. Sometimes diversions are necessary to let the next ideas drift without too much scrutiny. So the study image I posted of a white chair may appear in some of the next Veil Series paintings. I will see…so will you.

The chair pictured is a white metal mesh outdoor chair with light surface rust. After my parents both passed away my siblings and I had to clean out their home and disperse their belongings. Even though decades of things slowly amassed piece by piece they were all accessed suddenly. It comes down to keep, give away, sell or toss. So this chair came to my home. I’m sure stories were told on other porches while people sat on that chair. Now my friends sit on it to tell stories on my porch.

In the image below the rust on the chair has changed to bright white. It is as if all color absorbs into brightness. Look around, you’ll see chairs in your place that have new places to go at some point. The image is not complete as is. and much will happen over the next few months. I just thought my real and imaginary readers should know I’ve not given in to the lowbrow side of art. But I need to play on that side so my fine art can also evolve…So you see, play is serious work. As if something is brighter when darkness is near. Tenderness seems accentuated by harshness in our world. So it’s a bit of opposites attracting with my artwork.

White Chair (study)

White Chair (study)



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