Best Friend’s Bark

Man's Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend

Best Friend’s Bark

Friends don’t wait at the door with tails wagging
or fetch what is thrown across the yard.
Friends are not trained to be consistent
but are persistent on sharing life’s treats.

Friends resist the leash
but often don’t mind walking in the same direction
when you need them to though friends could also lead you
on a walk you might not make down a street with new names
or around a lake that floods and then goes suddenly dry.
Most friends cannot walk on water or part it upon command
but some will take you to a stream you need to taste.

You’ll never be expected to bag your friend’s waste
unless something has gone terribly wrong
and that dog in you is dying and wandering down a trail
only a friend would follow with a friend.

So we cannot be
like man’s best friend
but might take a few lessons from a dog who
might bite and yes a friend could bite
and that would be a surprise if you kept friends
just like well trained dogs
all barking a second language.

Gregory Zeorlin 12/6/14 5:01am

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