Choking Bing (Crosby)

Here’s a slightly dark humored bah humbug-ish poem I wrote 10 years ago. I have softened some since then..even tolerating hearing “White Christmas” play a few times in my state of middle-aged man. 🙂

Choking Bing (Crosby)

I’m sorry Bing
but when you sing
all I think is someone
should choke you.

Here you are again from years ago
singing behind falling fake snow.
You didn’t know
White Christmas would play
simultaneously in every store
from early October until one minute past
the last opened present.

But even so here I am again
humming in a store
I’m dreaming and wishing
someone choked that song
right out of you,
years ago.

I’m dreaming of a silent Christmas
one like I’ve never known before
where the pace is slower
the smiles are warmer
where glitter and tinsel
are abandoned in attic boxes.

Gregory Zeorlin 11/19/2004 10:30am


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