Bits and Blurs (a poem + video poem)

I experiment with video poetry. I transformed my poem “Bits and Blurs” into a video poem you can watch. A poem can seem very different when interpreted as a video. I suggest you read the poem first without watching the video. Then watch the video to see another way I imagined this poem. The 90 second poem is posted on YouTube.

Use this link to view video poem:


Bits and Blurs

There is a moment
neither a pinpoint nor a line
but some vaporous drifting
moment our eyes cannot focus upon

it’s not a precise time
no stopwatch will count it
a satellite cannot track it on a map
but a moment arrives that is sensed

a vaporous transient moment
when youth and age blur
and worries carried for too long
mix like smoke

things longed for
collections of objects
each eventually given away
some may burn as an offering

lingering scent of incense
light smoke enshrouds before
lifting this moment to the sky
leaving nothing in-between.

Gregory Zeorlin 1/8-10/2014 (various morning times)


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