Primordial Being Questions Modern Society

I’m a mixed media artist who experiments with concepts, materials and processes. I create paintings, photographs, sculptures, poetry and short videos. This blog often features my visual art and poetry but not many videos.  I welcome you to take 3 minutes and watch my newest video titled “PRIMORDIAL REFLECTIONS”.

Before viewing please read the this art video introduction.


This short video centers on an imaginary unsettling primordial being named Red Face. The primary red and nearly formless being does not speak any language of the modern world. He grunts and hisses thoughts which are magically translated into the viewer’s language. (In this video Red Face communicates with Homo sapiens who use the English language). Red Face reflects upon our evolution from squirming cells in a fertile gene pool to upright humans who often seem more primitive than he ever could be.

Click on the Red Face portrait to watch video on You Tube.

Red Face

Red Face


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