Blue Apple

"I like this Blue Apple!"








This semi-fictitious character likes a “Blue Apple.” What you don’t know is the apple he likes is from a poem titled “Blue Apple.” And before your attention meter expires, allow me to comment on the poem. (Odd, no? To comment about a poem before an imaginary reader has read it).

Blue Apple” is four line poem that keeps returning even though I wrote the first version around 1998. It is now more concise to accommodate our modern dilemma…an increasingly shorted span of attention.  We’ve become a palm gazing society. We’re staring into the blue light of some electronic device of our own choosing. This could be our demise, our undoing. (And look at me…feeding right into it).

OK, your attention is drifting.  Proceed to the poem.  There is no pop quiz. But if you comment about the poem on this blog you’ll receive an imaginary “A” on your curiosity report card.

Blue Apple

Look out for the day

all artists stay in bed

when the sky is only blue

and all apples must be, red.

Here’s how the poem looks as a “Blue Apple poem + print” in my home. When I see the print it reminds me how important it is to make art and write poetry even when most people don’t realize how such efforts enhance daily life. Imagine how dull the world would be if artists and poets decided to quit working and stay in bed. (Sounds nice for a few days, but after that those pent-up thoughts would rot my apple).  Click on the frame if you need an apple reminder in your home. And thanks to anyone who read all the way down to here.
"Blue Apple" poem + print

“Blue Apple” poem + print




2 thoughts on “Blue Apple

  1. Deimos and Phobos look like potatoes.
    (Sorry, a somehow off-topic comment, don’t ask me what it means) 🙂

    On Mars sky is red
    No apples are there at all
    No artists either

  2. Well Nannus, perhaps I am on Mars…based upon your comment about the conditions of that planet. But, in truth…my Blue Apple poem is tinged with luxry angst. There is much in the technicolor world of fruit and beyond that is always wonderous. 🙂 And of course, your comment merits an “A+” on your curiosity report card. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Be well and I hope you’ll share my Blue Apple poem with your friends on Mars as well as on Earth.

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