If We Were Birds (a poem)

I often write poems on scraps of paper, on the backs of envelopes, napkins, etc. Then those poems end up in stacks of papers, coat pockets or odd spots. This poem was on the back of an envelope and was about pitched. I read it and another verse flew into my head. So it’s a two-part poem nearly a year into the making. Now the poem flies out into the internet. Maybe it makes a nest where you are? Share the poem if you wish.

If We Were Birds

If I was a bird
I’d sing from the trees
I’d sing in the air
I’d sing in the breeze.

If I was a bird
I’d fly where I please
and land right next
to you.

2/24/2014 @ 6pm

If, and just if
I was a bird,
maybe I’d be a blue one.
But if I were a blue one,
I’d sing like a red one.

But I wouldn’t twitter
nor I would tweet
though I would eat
juicy beetle bug meat.

And you?

Gregory Zeorlin
2/5/2015 @ 1:47pm

Read more of my poems at http://www.ZeorlinArt.com


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