April Word Races

April is National Poetry Month. I have written poetry for several decades and usually date each one. So I am going back two years to share this poem about…yes, National Poetry Month. Now I have contributed to this annual attempt to keep poetry relevant in a distracted world. Of course, the timing of the poem “April Word Races” is a few days off, but you’ll get the point anyway.


April Word Races

On this last day of April
so decreed the month of poetry
I now join and have duly participated.

I’ve emancipated a few words
free now to go as they will
in a world where there’s time
for writing words but none
for reading them.

So long words
soon lost with the rest
lined up for a race to bound
deeply into outer space.

Gregory Zeorlin 4/30/2013 11:45am

You can read more poetry at ZeorlinArt.com and download a free poetry book from the site.


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