Thinking About Cats and Dogs

I’ve written poetry for several decades. Sometimes I look a few years back to see what I wrote close to the current calendar date.  Here’s one from February 2015.  (Just a year old but some go back more than 30 years).








Thinking About Cats and Dogs

We’re subject to nearly non-stop distractions
so we don’t have to think for ourselves.

When the Internet feeds us a viral moment
we engage in something seeming bigger than any one of us.

Look at all of us sharing comments! This makes us feel good.
“Big Brother” likes this effect on the masses.

Comments on the viral moment pass through the algorithm machine
until another distraction is formulated.

Soon the next Internet viral moment is released
and our thoughts almost seem out-of-place.

If we look away from what we’re coaxed to focus on
we may not want what’s being promoted.

But if our wants decline we might spend less
and this makes our Big Brother, unhappy.

So the Biggest Brother generates an Internet viral moment
turning free thinkers into those who are disengaged.

This viral moment convinces many to assume
those who think and ask questions are paranoid.

Since no one wants to be paranoid, more share comments
on viral Internet moments about cats and dogs.

Now more of us are feeling good
because we’re all in this together!

I don’t like most cats but had two dogs.
Both dogs were named Stella.

Gregory Zeorlin 2/27/2015 8:30am


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